Who cares about visitor Numbers, when Greenwich has been regenerated ?"

Well, I do. So, now's the time to try to make sense of all the free tickets for schoolchildren, and the special offer tickets and the reduced tickets for sponsors, and the reduced entrance tickets after 4pm, and the free tickets for fire drill day, and .. and .. oh dear ! Has anyone actually bought a full-price ticket yet ? So just what are the numbers ?

January: 366,420 (that includes 22,000 free tickets, so really that's only 344,420 paying visitors)

February: 569,538

March: 556,308

April: 579,333

May: 502,204 (that includes 64,179 free school visits, so really that's only 438,025 paying visitors)

June: 540,267 (this number includes 96,911 free school visits, and 250,000 discounted tickets, so really that's only 193,356 visitors who paid the full price - oh, dear !)

July: 606,519 (things are picking up, but are they ? July figures include 76,815 free school visits, and 42,862 visitors getting in free for Fire Drill Day, so really that's only 486,842 paying visitors, including discounted tickets - not so good, after all!)

August: 551,216 or 17,781 per day

September: 463,284 (including 73,555 free school visits), an average of just 15,442 a day. This was the leanest month since January.

October: 657,624 - (including 48,137 free school visits) an average of 21,213 visitors per day. 259,196 visitors during half-term week. This was the busiest month so far. By the end of October, a total of 5,392,713 people had visited the Dome.

November: >387,000 (exact figures yet to be revealed)

The Dome.  One Amazing Day.  One Year Only.  Thank God.

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